Ken Willner

I have a fantastic family with supporting wife, a great son and a beautiful daughter. It was my children’s sporting activities which got my interested in investing in camera and lenses for sports photography.

I registered Active Illustrated as a part time junior sports photography business in 2017.

Whilst most professional photographers are committed to sports involving paid athletes in national or highest state level sports, I dedicate weekends taking photos for parents to share with their friends and families. There is no obligation but of course high-resolution images are available to purchase.

I developed this site to allow the opportunity for parents to see and share sporting moment with their loved ones.

I am passionate about children in sport and in addition of taking action photos of junior sport, I have created two programs:

“Off the Pitch with Active” & “Yellow for Yelling”

These programs are to accelerate children’s development and confidence in their sport by using the recommendations from professionals, coaches and specialised educators.

I photographed over 200 games during 2017 and my time on the side line exposed me to some alarming parent behaviour. I became interested in how negative behaviours affected children in sport. This prompted me to research the subject and take some action.

Both programs have great support from many parents, coaches and organisations not only in Adelaide but in Europe to.


Provide opportunities for families to obtain excellent photos of their children in active moments capturing intensity, passion and enjoyment.


An environment where children are attracted to play, keep playing sport and enjoy the experience of learning and developing confidence.

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