I am passionate about children in sport and in addition to taking action photos of junior sport, I have created “Yellow for Yelling” & "Off the Pitch with Active" to share what I learn with parents.

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Yellow for Yelling

Michael Matricciani FFSA Award Winning Coach: Coaching Ambassador for Yellow for Yelling

Michael, FFSA Award Winning Coach for WPL Coach of the Year 2018, Australian College of Sport Football-Director of Coaching, past FFSA NTC Girls Head Coach and newly appointed Adelaide City NPL coach for season 2019 is also the Coaching Ambassador for Yellow for Yelling.

His experience is comprehensive; Ex professional player (including U20 young Socceroos & U23 Olyroos), 3 years as Technical Director for CCSC, 5 years as Director/Owner of Soccajoeys.

With this, he adds a wealth of knowledge to the Yellow for Yelling program.


My time on the side line as a photographer exposed me to some alarming parent behaviour. I became increasingly frustrated when seeing confused children stop having fun because of parents yelling and giving different instructions to the coach or shouting at young officials for making the wrong call.

I wanted to learn more about adult and child interaction in sport and how negative behaviours of adults affected children. My research connected me with several global studies including sport scientists and psychologists who are highly educated in coaching in youth sports.

Problem: Children leaving sport

It is well documented in the media all over the world, parents yelling on the side lines results in too many children leaving organised sport.

In a study commissioned by the 3 largest soccer clubs in Stockholm, Sweden revealed that 1 out of 3 children considered leaving soccer and 83% of parents said they had seen parents who were pushing their children too much or criticised young referees and officials.


A study in Denmark and another in USA tell similar stories.

Media in Australia have reported disturbance amongst parents during junior games in many different sporting codes. In some cases Police were called, and a NSWRL club is backing hiring of security guards for Sunday games. There were several articles in the media during 2017 (AGGRESSION in kids sport has reached toxic levels) so it is hard to argue that Australia is doing it better.


An environment where children are attracted to play, keep playing sport and enjoy the experience of learning and developing confidence.

Resources for Yellow for Yelling program


To support the Yellow for Yelling program, Active Illustrated have a relationship with Working With Parents in Sport, a UK company. They have provided a licensed presentation and information package which has been developed by Gordon MacLelland (CEO WWPIS), BA/Hons Sports Science and PGCE for parents of children in sport.

This will be presented in schools and clubs in Australia supportive of the program. Most clubs are conscious about promoting high standards and values in the community which foster a great learning environment for children. This program is an excellent opportunity to instil those values.


Gordon MacLelland’ is the author of “Sporting Parents Do’s & Don'ts”. A special edition of this 50-page Pocket Guide (scroll down for details) are available for purchase through Active Illustrated.

The purchase of this great pocket book for parents will also provide access to the Premium Members area of the Working With Parents In Sport website.


This exclusive material in the membership area has been written especially for sporting parents by Nino Severino, the former British No 1 Tennis coach and member of Team GB 2012 Olympic Tennis coaching team. It covers many specialist areas including nutrition, strength and conditioning, mindset and injury prevention to name just a few and has been specifically written to help support parent and athlete.

Looking for ideas on how you can support your child better?

This pocket guide by Gordon MacLelland is written for YOU

You do want your child to enjoy and if possible, excel at sport, but you don't want to be one of "those" parents. The one that other parents avoid on the sideline. The one that is embarrassment for their child and for themselves.

You want to be supportive, encouraging and the type of parent whose child runs to you joyfully at the end of the match, regardless of the result.

The Do's & Don'ts in this book just might help you be the sporting parent you want to be.

Available Now!

Secure YOUR Copy Now


Yellow for Yelling is an awareness and educational program where parents and organisations can easily get involved.


  1. Read the "Yellow for Yelling" information card and apply the suggestions
  2. Decide before the game how you want to behave on the side line. Best would be to ask your child how he/she wants you to support them at their games.
  3. Put 5 to 10 “Yellow for Yelling” cards in your pocket and share, in a friendly manner, with other parents at game time.

The card consists of 3 key suggestions on parental behaviours benefiting YOUR child. This site contains educational information and links to other excellent sites and videos on how parents can help their children develop in their chosen sport.

Also check out the "Off the Pitch with Active" Podcast Series featuring interviews with professional coaches, educators, authors of books, sport & child psychologists and much more.

Ask your club to book a Licensed presentation prepared by Gordon MacLelland

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