A program with Local & International guests including; Sport Scientists, Child Psychologists, Authors, Directors of Sporting Organisations, Specialist Educators, Players & families.

Episode 1 is a quick 16 min podcast providing a brief overview of what you can expect to learn. It cover "snippets" from several guests including Yellow for Yelling Coach Ambassador Michael Matricciani.

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#017 Off the Pitch with Active: Interview with Jenn Starkey of MVP Leadership Academy

I saw Jenn’s email address on an email I got from Reed Maltbie (TedX talk Echoes Beyond the Game & episode #009 Off the Pitch with Active). I didn’t know who Jenn were, but I watched an interview with her.

I was so impressed with her approach to coaching kids and she demonstrated some tricks to get kids to expand their “can do thinking”. I had to have her on Off the Pitch with Active to share with parents and coaches in Australia.

Jenn speaks to 1000’s of children all around America and she shares many tools and ideas on how our children response to challenges.

You will fall in love with Jenn and her work with teenagers across North America

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#016 Off the Pitch with Active: Interview with Brian Barlow, father and soccer referee in Oklahoma, US.

He was sick of parents abusing referees, so he started a Facebook Page called Offside sharing videos of abusive parents. This created a massive media attention by CBS, NBC, Today, Forbes, Inside, Fox News and many more.

I am not looking for your approval, but I am looking for your attention.

This is a podcast for every parent with a child playing sport

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#015 Off the Pitch with Active: Interview with Raff Frisina, Dir of Fusion Futsal Club & SAFL, Past Coach Vanuatu National Futsal Team, Senior coach for Eastern United 2018

I caught up with Raffa for a coffee before the 2018 Adelaide season. We talked about when he was offered a trial in the Hong Kong Premier League midway through 2012. After a brief experience in Hong Kong he moved back to ADELAIDE to start the South Australian Futsal League.

He tells a great story about his experience coaching Vanuatu National Team in preparing the for qualifying for Futsal World Cup.

You will really enjoy listening to a well known Adelaide soccer profile.

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#014 Off the Pitch with Active: Interview with Oliver Brecht, Dir Insight, Elite Performance Psychology, Bachelor of Psychology, Hons, Master of Professional Psychology

I came across a video clip from Sunrise on Channel 7 about parents behaviour in youth sport in Australia. My guest Oliver Brecht,

Since joining IEPP Oliver worked extensively with the players and coaching staff at the Sydney Swans AFL and Sydney Roosters NRL clubs. He has also worked with the Red Backs South Australian Cricket Team. Oliver has provided personal coaching and team development initiatives to players and coaches within these teams, and regularly provides support to jockeys across NSW and the ACT.

As a parent, I got a ton of great information from Oliver.

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Active #013 Off the Pitch with Active: Interview Steven Hooper, Inclusion Coaching, UK, FA UEFA B LICENCE, FA LEVEL 1&2, FA YOUTH AWARDs

Delivered by Inclusion Coaching, at Charlie Austin Football School, children will learn new skills, make new friends score lots of goals, make lots of saves, improve their passing, perfect dribbling and most of all have lots of fun in what they believe is the perfect environment to develop not only football skills but also social and physical skills.

In this podcast, Steve shares what Inclusion Coaching is all about, and how they help children to become better decision makers in football while having fun.

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Active #012 Off the Pitch with Active: Interview with Mark O’Sullivan, UEFA A licensed coach at AIK in Stockholm, Sweden

Mark delivers Swedish FA coach education courses and has run many youth social projects, has his own blog – Footblogball – and is currently doing PhD research in to designing learning environments in youth football. Mark has also worked as a consultant for the Canadian FA (2017) and regularly holds lectures, talks and practical sessions around the world.

If you are a parent or involved with youth development, you will treasure the the information Mark shares on this podcast.

Image: Mark explaining the purpose of the training to parents

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Active #011 Off the Pitch with Active: Interview with Christian Sotira

Never Lose Sight of Your Passion and Dreams was the headline of my interview with Christian Sotira (DOB 2001) and his parents, Sergio & Adriana and sister Alessia, in July 2017.

Now living in Italy, I caught up with Christian while on holiday in Australia. We had a chat about the difference between Australia and Italy from a football perspective. We covered many aspects of his lifestyle in a compound with 20 other players, training styles and the mental challenges living in this environment.

How is it to compete with 7 other players for in position in the team and only find out if you play the day before? Christian talk about how he deals with this and how some of the team mates relationships got affected.

If you love football, you will enjoy this interview.

Image: Christian in Action with Eastern United

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Active #010: Skye Eddie Bruce-Masters in Sports Science, founder of Soccer Parenting, ex Professional player talks about how she inspiring players by empowering the parents.

Skye is the founder of the Soccer Parenting Association (SoccerParenting.com), with a mission of elevating the game by engaging, educating, supporting and advocating for youth soccer parents. Skye is a sought, after speaker for parents, coaches, clubs and players. A former professional player, Skye was a collegiate and youth All-American goalkeeper, Defensive MVP of the Final Four (1993) and State Champion track athlete.  Skye has coached extensively in the youth and collegiate games. A MBA graduate of the University of Richmond, Skye has earned her USSF “B” License, the National Goalkeeper License and is a Coach Educator for United Soccer Coaches

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Active#009: Reed Maltbie, The Coach behind the TEDx Talk "Echoes Beyond the Game"

With nearly 30 years of experience as an educator/coach and two master’s degrees (one in sport psychology and one in Early Childhood Education), Coach Reed has a wealth of practical experience and scientific research that he draws on to help athletes, coaches and parents find more effective ways to navigate the youth sport environment.

His ability to break down the science and translate it into practical example of behaviors in our children is captivating.

Here is a great opportunity for all parents and youth coaches to get an insight into what is going on in a child's head.

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Active#008: Michael Matricciani, Australian College of Sport Football-Director of Coaching, FFSA U17 NTC Girls Head Coach

It is an absolute pleasure for me to announce that Michael has put his hand up for involvement in the Yellow for Yelling Awareness and Educational program for parents with children in sport.

His experience is comprehensive; Ex professional player (including U20 young Socceroos & U23 Olyroos), 3 years as Technical Director of CCSC, 5 years as Director/Owner of Soccajoeys and current ACS Football-Director of Coaching. He is also FFSA U17 (NTC) Girls Head Coach, developing players for future Matilda’s (for non-Australian listeners Matilda’s is the Australia Women’s National Football Team, who currently is ranked 6 in the world by FIFA.

Combine this experience with his coaching qualification including AFC/FFA A License plus FFA instructor and other certified courses, Michael will help raise awareness of the Yellow for Yelling program amongst higher level coaches and educators.

This podcast will touch your heart!

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Active #007:Dr. Jennifer Fraser, PhD Author and driver behind End Bullying & Abuse in Sport

Dr. Jennifer Fraser is an author, researcher and sought-after international speaker on bullying, abuse and harassment done by adults. With a PhD in Comparative Literature, she brings together different discourses such as neuroscience, literature, journalism and psychology in order to question and improve the way we educate children and young adults.

Dr. Fraser shares her own story about her son and her work in relation to youth sport. If you are a parent or coach, you will be amazed.

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Active #006: Shane Hillman, a husband, a father, a Granddad and coach living under extraordinary circumstances

This is a story of Shane Hillman and his family. Shane’s story will teach us all to appreciate life, the opportunities we get and the friend around us while we still can. It will teach us, no matter what happens, we shall continue with a “can-do” attitude. Continue to do our best and most of all enjoy moments.

Shane, a husband, a father, a grandfather and coach of his son Josh team had it all when he suddenly had his life turned upside down when diagnosed with brain cancer. This is an inspiring story.

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Active #005: Trevor Ragan, BA in Sociology, Founder of Train Ugly

Trevor Ragan has done workshops with groups from all over the world. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies, Major league Baseball Teams, Olympic teams, 100's of schools and even a few prisons.

He seeks out the scientists and thought leaders in the world of development, consume their research and discoveries. He connects the dots and shares with anyone who will listen. I was one of those who wanted to learn.

I discovered Train Ugly through his excellent descriptive videos in my own research. He display powerful diagrams and animations about the mind and learning. Trevor's videos have over 500,000 downloads

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Active #004: John O'Sullivan, International Speaker, Author & Founder of Changing the Game Project, Host "Way of Champion" podcasts

In his podcast series, “Way of Champions” he interviews leaders of the world in coaching, Teaching & Research. His podcasts get 100,000's downloads.

He speak to people like; Tom Statham: Junior coach at Man United, Todd Bean: Who continuing the Legacy of Johan Croyff, John Kessel: USA Volleyball Director of Sport Development and globally sought-after speaker, Anson Dorrance: Former U.S. National Women’s Team Head Coach in Soccer with a world title and Inducted to Hall of Fame

To be honest, the list goes on and on and he is with Active sharing some wisdom with us. You don't want to miss this episode.

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Active #003: Michael Matricciani, High Performance Coach Australian College of Sport

His role is to develop players for the Junior Matildas (U17), Young Matildas (U20) and Matildas of the future. Education is the key and the NTC Girls program is also about educating the parents, therefore he take a collaborative approach in their education.

Michael share his experience as a player when he had some of his toughest times but also some of his best in his career as a soccer player. Being part of the Socceroos U21 squad he had a bad injury which force him to miss World Cup. You will get a lot out of this episode.

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Active #002: Gordon MacLelland, CEO Working With Parents in Sport

CEO of Working with Parents in Sport, a company set up to support parents in creating the best possible environment for their children.

He have spent the last 17 years coaching and working as a PE teacher, sports coach and for the past 10 years as a Director of Sport in a UK independent prep school (8-13).

He share some great information for us parents.

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Active #001: Ken Willner, Founder Active Illustrated

In this short 16 min introduction podcast, Ken together with Gordon MacLelland, Michael Matricciani, Trevor Ragan, John O'Sullivan & Dr Jennifer Fraser explains why and what the "Off the Pitch with Active" podcast series is covering.

If you are a parent with a child playing any kind of sport, you will learn something from the highly educated people being interviewed.

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