I wish I knew all of this when my children were born

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Are you looking for an action photo of your child or are you like me wanting to learn more about how we can help our children in sport?

You may like both opportunities, brilliant! We all love our kids to bits but did you know that many things we say to our children have a negative impact and slows down their learning capacity in sport?


I do the research for you

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Team Sport & Confidence

  Team sport & confidence How do you feel when you watch your child play sport? Do you love watching or do you become tense hoping he/she will not make a mistake? Of
by Ken Willner
Active Illustrated

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I am passionate about my photography and your appreciation drives me to become better.                       Thank you all for your compliments. "Excellent photos and customer service is terrific with good communication" - Chris Higgins "Thanks
by Ken Willner