Closed-Late orders are accepted, but price may be different.

Contact Ken at Active Illustrated 0418 848521

2021 is an exciting year for the club. New committee with a strong emphasis on providing opportunities for young people to grow in our sport. The senior team, with a new coach has been promoted to STL1.

What a great opportunity to capture the memories with a team and action photo from Active Illustrated. Ken has once again been awarded the opportunity to take EUFC’s TEAM Photos for 2021.

Photo's will be available end of June

If you have any questions, please contact Ken 0418 848521

The ordering process has been simplified this year;

  1. Select style of photo (multiple is okay)
  2. Click on the link at the bottom "Order your photos here"
  3. Fill in your ordering details
  4. Pay
  5. Your team manager will co-ordinate time for the team photo.

A: Standard Team Photo (Laminated )

Order Code A: $35 each

B: Team & Action Photo (Laminated)

Order Code B: $40 each

Exclusive Bundle Options

  • Bundle 1: A + (C or D) $65 Order Code B1
  • Bundle 2: B + (C or D) $70 Order Code B2
  • Bundle 3: A + C + D $95 Order Code B3
  • Bundle 4: B + C + D $99 Order Code B4