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These episodes are to help parents accelerate their children’s development and confidence in their sport by applying the recommendations from professionals, coaches and specialised educators.


Active#007: Dr. Jennifer Fraser, PhD –  Author and driver behind End Bullying & Abuse in Sport

109 minutes podcast. I have learned so much in my research into adult behaviours and how it affect our children. This is something I like to share with other like minded parents. In this episode, I am very fortunate to be talking to Dr. Jennifer Fraser, PhD

I heard Dr. Jennifer Fraser for the first time on Reed Maltbie’s podcast the “Coaching Code”

Dr. Jennifer Fraser is an author, researcher and sought-after international speaker on bullying, abuse and harassment done by adults. With a PhD in Comparative Literature, she brings together different discourses such as neuroscience, literature, journalism and psychology in order to question and improve the way we educate children and young adults.

Dr. Jennifer Fraser, PhD, has developed a ground-breaking approach to bullying that she first articulated in her 2015 book Teaching Bullies. Her focus is on coaches and teachers as she asks the question: Is bullying learned behaviour? If so, who’s teaching it?


While clear on the need for accountability, Dr. Fraser argues for a new way of handling abuse. This revolutionary model sidesteps the blame and shame and instead ushers in an approach that stresses rehabilitation and real change built on a strong foundation of positive psychology and neuroscientific research.

Dr. Fraser works tirelessly in the field of bullying, harassment and abuse to bring about meaningful change that creates safe, healthy and respectful organisational cultures.


Introduction to Off the Pitch with Active and guest

05:345   Insight to Dr. Fraser’s work and story of her son being bullied by a coach in a school where she was teaching.

13:15     How is a child’s brain working when being subject to bullying and why talking about it now?

18:40     MRI show that scars in the brain of an emotionally abused child are the same as scars of a sexually abused child.

26:00     Society is changing the way we operate and communicate using social cues???

28:00     What can parents expect when their child join, a sporting club for the first time and do we need to change our behavior?

36:05     Neuron scientists say that at 13 the brain goes into a massive developmental change. They are very emotional sensitive and a yelling coach can affect the child’s performance at                       school.

42:20     Coach of the year in UK Russel Smith, Street Games.

44:50     Discovered the signs of emotional bullying in her son wasn’t easy.

57:00     Closing words from Dr. Fraser

105:00   Special Active Illustrated offer

Recommended reading by Dr. Fraser

Dr Allen Goldberg Competitive Edge, Article: Coaching abuse, the dirty not so little secret in sport


If you want to follow Dr. Frasers work or contact her direct;

Twitter: @teachingbullies

Facebook: @Teaching Bullies

Email: Jenniferfraserphd@gmail.com

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