“Off the Pitch with Active”

These episodes are to help parents accelerate their children’s development and confidence in their sport by applying the recommendations from professionals, coaches and specialised educators.


Active#016 Off the Pitch with Active: Interview with Brian Barlow, father and soccer referee in Oklahoma, US.

44 minutes podcast. I have learned so much in my research into adult behaviours and how it affect our children. This time I learn how serious it has affected referees

He was sick of parents abusing referees, so he started a Facebook Page called Offside sharing videos of abusive parents. This created a massive media attention by CBS, NBC, Today, Forbes, Inside, Fox News and many more.

I am not looking for your approval, but I am looking for your attention.

Image: Brian show his sense of humour.


Overview of our conversation

1:14   Introduction to Brian Barlow and what he is so passionate about.

6:35   He started the offside Facebook page to make fun of parents

11:18 Young referees get intimidated by parents on the sideline and this is why?

20:10 The trend of bad behavior is getting worse but don’t end up on “Barlow’s Offside Facebook page”

35:00 Are your children prepared to put themselves out there as a referee against all parents?

42:00 Wrap up

To contact Brian

Facebook @offside

Web: www.stoprefabuse.com