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#016 Interview with Brian Barlow, father and referee who started Offside Facebook page showing videos of parents fighting and behaving badly at youth games-Click here

#015 Interview with Raff Frisina, Adelaide coach and Dir of Adelaide Fusion Futsal Club and State Futsal League. He is telling a great story of coaching Vanuatu's National Futsal Team for Qualification to World Cup in Futsal-Click here

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Events for November:

Futsal SA THE ARC Round 5 Sunday League

U13 Tornadoes v AUFC UNI

U13 ADL Futsal Club U15G v Black Knights

U13 Juve Niles v Little Divas

U13 ADL Futsal Club v The Troops

U14 Mystic Chicks v Class Minus Grass

Futsal SA THE ARC Round 6 Sunday League

U9 Samurai Pizza Cats v Trinity King's

U9 ADL Futsal Club v Metro Monsters

U10 MMM Juve v Comets U13G

U10 ADL Futsal Club v CCSC Napoli

U14 Blues Brothers v Lord Bendtner

U14 TMN Skrtel v ADL Futsal Club

Futsal SA THE ARC Round 8 Sunday League

U9 Real Mad Dribblers v Trinity Kings

U12 ADL Futsal Club v Hot Shots

U12 Falcons v Navy Blues

U12 ADL Futsal Academy v Game of Throw-Ins

U13 Green Machines v Little Divas

U13 ADL Futsal Club v AUFC UNI


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