Thanks for checking in here. This page is dedicated to a wonderful TEAM named LINKUP. LINKUP is run by Igor Negrao.

Igor coaches football for children and adults over 5 years of age. Igor is born in the country of football, BRAZIL. Using the power of football to change peoples lives, he coached Special Olympics in National competitions and Futsal for inclusive sport SA as their state coach.

LINKUP is a football and Futsal academy for people living with intellectual disabilities or integration difficulties. Supported by Special Olympics and One Culture Football, LINKUP programs are run by friendly and experienced coaches every week during school terms.

Photos were taken during their first every soccer game against Ingle Farm Junior Soccer Club. The atmosphere was like the weather, it could not have been better.

I was personally touched by the warm and friendly atmosphere and the kids were fantastic. The sportsmanship displayed by the Ingle Farm players despite very young ages was commendable. 

If any parents, coaches or organisers involved with this event would like high resolution photos, please contact me and I will gladly send some to you.

Igor, thanks for the invitation to be part of this day.


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