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CCSC U13 Girls v Fulham Utd 7MAY17

CCSC U8Red v Blue Eagles White 7MAY17

CCSC U11 White v Adelaide City White 7MAY17

CCSC U18 v Adelaide Olympics 6MAY17

CCSC U16JPL v Raiders 7MAY17

State Soccer Academy: The Heights School 8MAY17

CCSC U16JPL v CCSC U16JSL Cup round 14MAY17

West Adelaide U16JSL v CCSC 21MAY17

West Adelaide U16JPL v CCSC 21MAY17

CCSC U16JSL v WT Birkalla 26MAY17

FFSA U13 Girls v Fulham U17 Girls 28MAY17

CCSC U16JPL v Metro Stars 28MAY17

CCSC U17JPL v Cumberland 31MAY17